Michael Grier – Keir Hardie Primary School

I was in only for a couple of hours yesterday and didn’t get to this. Sorry!
The young lady  – forgotten her name – was brilliant.  I was manning a Fairtrade choc and banana milkshake stall next to her candyfloss machine.  On the other side of me were a couple of tables of “Fairtrade” cakes and biscuits and a table with Fairtrade leaflets for giving away.

She had a steady queue for the whole afternoon and must have been exhausted.  As she handed over each candyfloss, she said with a smile “There you are, made with delicious Tate & Lyle Fairtrade sugar.”  I don’t think she ever didn’t say that, except perhaps when engaged in some other conversation.  In between times, she was calling out that Fairtrade helps people in developing countries and so on.  Full marks to her. I reckon the candyfloss cart was the most popular stall throughout and she smiled to the end.

Thanks loads for organising this.  We were sharing money floats due to shortages of change so don’t know how much we got from the candyfloss but it must have been substantial.

Many thanks for all your help.  The school was most appreciative of our support. Several pupils told me that their families were now regularly buying Fairtrade products.

Michael Grier – Keir Hardie Primary School- ref Tate and Lyle