Keir Thorogood – Kids Company

Hi George,

Hope you had a good weekend, it was great to see you on Saturday.

Thanks for organising such a great event in support of Kids Co.  The team on Sunday were really impressed by the positive vibe on site, and it was great to see so many families enjoying the fun of the fair.  As you promised it was a safe and controlled environment, and as far as I am aware there wasn’t any trouble associated with the event.

 It was a real shame that it was raining and overcast on Saturday, which I know will have affected your takings.  Hopefully the sunshine on Sunday made up for this and enabled the event to make some profit.  It would be great to know the kind of donation Kids Company can expect from the event.

If you need any feedback from myself or supportive emails to councillors etc, please do let me know.  I’ll send a courtesy email to Andy this afternoon.

Thanks again for all your help and lets meet up later in the summer to discuss 2010 and beyond.

Kind regards,

Keir Thorogood – Kids Company