We won’t make a drama from a synopsis

At Irvin Leisure we welcome the opportunity to give assistance to film and dramatic companies in their work, and at Clapham Common in February 2011 we will be delighted to work with Nick Ray Rutter from Saloon Films as he shoots a brand new drama.

Nick has a superb CV, having worked with Madness (so working with us should be quite familiar really), Monty Python and also The Clash and Sex Pistols. His work has featured on Channel 4 and he has also made advertisements for Heineken too.

This particular work is a love story with a sad start, a beautiful scene at our fair and we will not spoil the end but it is not a light hearted romp! We look forward to this work and will give more information after the shoot. Just another example of our work with the film industry of which we are very proud.

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  1. Alex
    Mar 04, 2011

    I thought all Dramas were commissioned from script analysis’ and synopsis, why would you not want to make a drama from one? A really good idea surely?