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Famous Attraction Returns to Hampton Court Easter Fair

Wall of DeathMany of the attractions that our forefathers enjoyed at Hampton Court Fair would now be illegal, and all of them immoral, but we are proud to bring one back that is neither of these but is a wonderful spectacle that you cannot afford to miss. George has brought to Hampton Court the only travelling Wall of Death Motorcycle Race Track in Britain.

In years gone by intrepid, and totally barking mad, motorcycle troupes toured the country thrilling crowds with their daring do, and their dare you don’t, exciting racing on a sheer wall that is sheer hell for them, and sheer enjoyment for us!

You really must come to Hampton Court to enjoy this show, because it is not only a flavour of fairs gone by but also a sight to behold. Ronnie Moore, the great New Zealand Speedway World Champion and Wimbledon star for many years started on the Wall of Death, and learned how to control a bike as well as his nerves. That was in the 1940,s and now at the beginning of the 21st Century you have the opportunity to share the excitement our parents and grandparents knew, and without rationing as well!