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The Big Society

For the past 6 weeks or so all we have heard from certain politicians is to do with the big society in which local people will get together and run schools, build hospitals, police the streets, build cars and open supermarkets (well not quite but something like that). We at Irvin Leisure are delighted to say that we have come across the big society in our dealings with some marvellous community groups.

On May 16th we were fortunate to provide a variety of children’s rides for the Friends of Mile End Park for their annual event, and what a fantastic crowd arrived and enjoyed a super day out. We were delighted to be there and we will also be raising funds for this important cause at our own annual fair in the same park in June. There are many Friends of Parks around London and they do an important job in defending these vital green lungs of London from development and arguing for proper budgets, and where they are positive and recognise that parks if they are to be open for all must host a variety of events, can work in partnership with events companies to ensure the balance of park use through the year truly reflects all of the local society.

The second event featured in this short piece was the Primrose Hill Festival, and this took place on May 23rd which was an absolutely scorching day. Once again, great fun for all those who came along and hard work for the organising committee but we are sure that the crowds and pleasure they found from the visitors compensated for their hard work.

We love to take part in this type of event and look forward to return visits to both these groups in the future, and congratulations to everyone involved. The photo above is from Primrose Hill.