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Irvin Leisure Right About England Success – in 2014 we expect

Just thought we would leave the bits below as a memento like all those crosses of St George still in the shops. It was two bits of bad luck that cost us the chance though. The first that goal that was not given, how unlucky was that?Also, we were really unlucky that our defence is total rubbish! Still, here is to Brazil in 2014.
The rest was written post Slovenia, whch was the good old days!

Told you, no problems, easily through, and Germany Sunday, and penalties, and…..oh well, good luck to the team in South Africa from Irvin Leisure!

With all good wishes to our friends in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, north and south, we are all sitting around the Irvin Leisure office with our fingers, toes and other bits and pieces crossed watching the World Cup.

However following England’s triumph in the Cricket 2020 recently using our new policy of selecting only home grown players, albeit mainly home grown in South Africa, we are confident that we can avoid the nightmare of penalties and this time triumph. At least we are there this time, not like the Euro Championships of two years ago, curses curses.

So come on all you hard working and underpaid soccer stars, we love you all (this information is correct at time of writing but our opinion of England’s football team can go down as well as up, read the small print of soccer fan loyalty cards).

Whilst the World Cup is underway we will also be hard at working bringing top quality entertainment to our thousands of visitors at our fairs and carnivals and you will not need to ask the score as matches progress because you will see it on our faces. What better place can you find to escape the pressure of the penalties than on our rides? Share with others your delight or otherwise!

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  1. Belli stamford
    Aug 16, 2010

    Disn’t get that one right innit!