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Our wonderful year in Holland Park was not just kids stuff!

Holland ParkFor the second time this year we have been proud to have been able to provide a fantastic range of children’s entertainments in one of London’s best known and most attractive parks, Holland Park in West London. Holland Park is so named because in the 18th Century the magnificent mansion there was owned by the rather grandly named Earl of Holland. (Why be Earl of a County when you can get an entire country!)  Sadly the house was partly bombed during World War II but the grounds were given to the public as this wonderful open space with great play areas, a superb café and of course landscaped gardens for everyone to enjoy. During August and then over the Christmas and New Year period we were delighted to be invited to stage a children’s festival for local people and visitors to the park. We want to express our thanks to the staff of Quadron, who manage park, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and to the Friends of the Park as well as all the visitors too for allowing us this opportunity.

We provided a superb and very popular mix of rides and entertainments, and at various times have provided an antique Toy Set, Go Gator Juvenile Roller Coaster, Bungee Trampolines, Tea Cups and a giant slide. By keeping prices low we managed to ensure that everyone fully enjoyed their visit, and now we are looking to continue this concept during 2009. On each visit we vary the attractions we bring so that you are constantly surprised, and we trust pleased!

We believe that in 2009 the public will be seeking entertainment closer to home, and therefore will be offering similar children’s fairs to local authorities all round London. By providing this entertainment with no need for accommodation or ancillary entertainments, the only space required is for the attractions themselves and so the appearance of the open spaces is not affected in any way. Also these smaller attractions can gain access to smaller open spaces than the more usual large fairs, and so there are new places we can open up for quality and great value leisure for children.

Then for corporate clients seeking to provide for a family fun day this is ideal. We can hire this entire package, which can be installed and removed within the same day of the event, for low prices and with the music and lights all provided within the children’s fair, corporate events organisers will receive great value for money.

So, from Holland Park in West London to a venue near you, watch out for the Irvin Children’s Festival during 2009, or better still contact us now and hire this for your park, your company or even for your children’s party!