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Back to the Future-New Attractions For A Progressive Company. Posted Spring 2007

Nobody can resist a fairground Carousel with its galloping horses, spinning lights and melodic organ music. The Victorians knew a thing or two about fun fair entertainnment and these traditional rides still take pride of place at the centre of any fairground.

The Uk’s leading supplier of fun fair rides and attractions, Irvin Leisure Entertainments Ltd, has recently invested in a new Galloper Carousel, over 100 years after they took delivery of their first set back in 1901.

The ride is a beautiful recreation of a Victorian ride, with each horse hand carved, painted and named. The Carousel looks and sounds like the original, but close attention has been paid to comfort and safety appropriate for the 21st Century. Also, Irvin Leisure have introduced a new drive system that cuts the energy needed to power the attraction as part of their Carbon Neutral Policy, and so this is as green as it is magnificent.

However it should never be said that the Fairground business is stuck in the past. Irvin Leisure’s recent acquisition of “The Booster”, with its 100 feet high rotating arm and white knuckle 3.5 g force generating rotation, shows their commitment to modern tastes as well as to their heritage. As George Irvin points out, “We have grown and prospered over the last century by being both progressive and traditional. Ours is probably one of the most forward looking industries, always adapting new technology to enhance our rides and attractions, and The Booster is also Green with a low energy consumption, but with the Carousel design, well you cannot improve on perfection.”

The Carousel and Booster, like all Irvin Leisure’s rides and stalls, are available for corporate and private hire as well as for public festivals, and are already providing popular at company fun days and wedding parties. A comprehensive range of fairground attractions can be found by looking at the Rides and Stalls pages on this website.

Irvin Leisure is the UK’s leading supplier of fun fair rides and stalls for major national and international fairs as well as corporate functions, and amongst the company portfolio is the superb London’s Fair and the historic fair at Hampton Court Palace. You can visit and for further details on these magnificent events.