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Look where we have been this weekend


We love to share with you images taken of our operation at various events, mainly to make sure that our staff have turned up, and here we are with our dodgems in Aberdeen on Friday 9th December (despite the seasonable but unreasonable weather conditions) and with our staff in period costume at Silverstone on Saturday 10th December. They do not normally go out on the town in those pink striped jackets, honest….or at least that is what they tell us.

The Dodgems at Aberdeen were part of an event organised by Mearns-Gill and this was inside a large hall so a bit tricky to get in, but nothing is too much trouble for us. Not doing nothing is too much trouble, you know what I mean. Silverstone was organised by our friends at Push UK and what a wonderful party they staged. They ordered the pink striped jackets too…..OK, all to their own taste but it really did work and a great time was had by all.

If you have images of our operations anywhere in Britain, do send them over and we will add them to our website.