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Is there anybody there?

From time to time when it is quiet here in the Irvin Leisure office we ponder the truly important philosophical questions. For instance, what is the meaning of life? If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Is there intelligent life on any other planet in the galaxy? Is there much intelligent life on this one? Does anybody read this website?

Well, now we have the answers to the first and last of these. The Meaning of Life was a film by Monty Python, and nowhere near as good as The Life of Brian in our view, so that is cleared up once and for all. Then, for our last question, we now know that people do indeed read our website, and we are very proud that they do. First of all we heard from a local Councillor in Brent who, with local residents, is campaigning to keep the historic and invaluable Barham Park library open and they had seen our pieces on the history of George Barham who donated the park to the Council. More on their campaign later. Libraries are an important part of our society and need protecting, not closing down.

However particularly exciting and surprising for us was a call we received from the Headteacher at Edenside Primary School in the Scottish Borders whose pupils are involved in projects based around this very website!

For instance they are looking at description of our work to reflect the multi cultural society in which we live. They are analysing our environmental programmes and going to ask us searching questions on our success in implementing this. They are now designing fairground rides and writing descriptions of these. We are delighted that our site has given them information and encouragement.

Now we are throwing them a challenge. We have invited their Headteacher, Ms McGinley, to send us work that they produce and we will publish it all here on our website along with drawings and sketches they have done. Plus, if they design any new rides that can be built and operated, we will steal their ideas and make lots of money for ourselves out of it (not really, but we will very much enjoy showing their work on line!)

So, keep your eyes on our website and over the next few months we will build up some imaginative information from young people in the Scottish Borders and we are really proud that in our own small way we have excited their imaginations, and congratulations to Edenside Primary School for such an innovative scheme. Watch this space and we will update you on the work from Edenside as well as the Barham Park Library support.

Finally, our apologies for in the first publication of this story we turned Edenside into a Kelso version of Eton by giving them Scottish Boarders instead of their being in the Scottish Borders! Not enough time spent in my youth in Barham Library I am afraid….sorry about that.

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  1. Jemima
    Feb 03, 2011

    Hi George. I am a student at Edenside and i’m in P6T Miss Turnbull’s class.