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Councils Recognise Value of Leisure in Hard Times

All too often local authorities see their Leisure Services and activities as one of the first things to cut when times are difficult, and yet in our view this should be the last thing to go! Local parks, for instance, are vital for the well being of communities. When people wring their hands and say that young people have nothing to do, why on earth do they start axing the very activities that can provide positive experiences for their residents? Leisure is not bread and circuses for the masses but a way in which people can feel good about their boroughs, their homes and indeed their lives.

There are exceptions, and we highlight Tower Hamlets today whose innovative and exciting programme includes many varied events and functions, including very recently A Day at the Seaside in Bethnal Green, close to the wonderful Children’s Museum, and you can find images for this by clicking on to .

As you will see, we are a major part of this event and were proud to be there. So congratulations Tower Hamlets, and we will feature other positive borough stories too as they come in.