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Irvin’s Part of First Climate Change Festival in Birmingham

From time to time we are Irvin Leisure are invited to take part in some ground breaking events, and between 31st May and 8th June in Birmingham we are certainly doing that.

We are proud to be providing some of our low carbon attractions as part of the world’s first climate change festival, jointly run by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) and Birmingham City Council. This event is aimed at demonstrating that people can operate in a low carbon way without spoiling their fun and entertainment. Thousands have already visited this landmark festival and enjoyed our Carousel, our Helter Skelter and our games, as well as admiring the innovative architectural designs and demonstrations on power saving devices.

All too often “Green” events can be considered a little worthy and preachy, but Birmingham have got it bang on with this active exhibition. Visit the site, which is all over the City Centre, and join the business people, school parties and others who are going along to learn and listen, but have a great time too!

The costs of failing to tackle climate change are high for any city, and Birmingham is leading the way by showing that it is possible to practice what you preach without affecting the type of leisure enjoyment that makes life worthwhile. And we can always say that we were there for this historic happening. Well done Birmingham for having the vision to make this happen.