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Cabbages for Kings….from the Daily Telegraph

Came across a fascinating article about one of our favourite venues in the Daily Telegraph recently, and featuring one of our favourite people. Written by Jean Vernon, a gardening correspondent, the report tells us about a fascinating initiative by Graham Dillamore from Hampton Court Palace who is looking to restore the Tudor Kitchen Garden back to the court, which will grow fresh vegetables for the superb catering operation they run.

Graham tells us all that he hopes to find veggie in the kitchen still covered in mud and soil, but we trust that is before it is prepared and cooked (!) and that this will restore parts of the Palace grounds to their original state.

One spin off from this will be to boost the eco culture of the Palace and help bees and other insects that modern planting techniques can destroy, so more power to Graham and his colleagues’ elbows on this one!

However we do not think that those eating in the Palace cafe should think that they are going all the way and that leftover food should be thrown all over the floor, or they may also restore one of King Henry VII’s favourite pastimes, head chopping!

Hampton Court Palace is a wonderful place and well worth a visit at any time of year.