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Birmingham is one of our old haunts.

Every year the good folks of Walsall find themselves spooked out by the famous Irvin Leisure Ghost Train. At a party provided by Homeserve, staff and their guests are terrified and frightened out of their wits, driven to drink no doubt, by the ghostly delights of this fun and traditional ride. All in the worst possible taste!

This year they have an extra treat as we lay on a Waltzer in the Dark, so they will not only be terrified but also spun and shaken with vibrating music and throbbing base as our super Waltzer Ride entertains them all.

We have a range of Ghost Trains with differing sizes and costs, all of which give a great night of fun for the users. The Ghost House was a central feature of the Victorian Fair, following on from the freak shows and other side attractions that would nowadays probably be illegal, and certainly would be immoral! However none of that with this popular ride.

The Waltzer dates back to the 1920s, and perhaps was at its most popular during the Rock and Roll era of the late 50s and early 60s (I am much too young to remember myself) but is still a great gathering point at any function with the wooden walkways giving you the chance to watch your pals spin round in the centre of the track as they bump up and down.

No place for the faint hearted this Halloween in Walsall will be the night of their lives, and they have once again selected one of our super Triple Decker Ghost Trains for this annual festival. This is just one of the many events we operate in the West Midlands each year, with barnstormers in Birmingham, slap up parties in Stratford, and beautiful functions in the Black Country. All of these are handled from our Birmingham fun fair base, convenient for you and close to the very heart of the country.