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A Future Rink for All

Ice RinkWe at Irvin Leisure are slightly miffed by the new competition from the Labour Party recently announced. As you, our regular reader, know we run outdoor funfairs all year round but now the Prime Minister no less is going into competition with us as he announced recently that he will be running “A future Fair for all.” That is our business, as all our future fairs are for everyone as well! We do not mind other companies staging festivals, but a government, really that is too much!
Now we have the other parties wanting to organise change machines. The Conservatives say that it is time for change, which is fine but if you want change just put your notes or credit cards into our machines and it will be provided. No need to wait for the elections.The Liberal Democrats are also in on this as they are offering change that is good for you. Well, so do we, just use the blooming machines we already provide. Really!

Still, must get on and what none of the political parties have managed so far is to bring out a superb new season synthetic ice rink like ours, recently launched in wonderful Mile End Park in the heart of east London. Despite the best (or worst) efforts of the February half term weather to literally dampen the enthusiasm of local families, hundreds joined us for a skate fest, free of charge, in the fantastic play area that the council run. We have nothing but praise for the council staff whose enthusiasm envigorates local children, and who might even liven up the TV Eastenders! (On second thoughts, no one is able to do that)

So you have the chance to hire our 2010 Ice Rink just contact us at any time and we will be thrilled to help you. Meanwhile, avoid cheap imitations, and the best future fairs for all are ours too!