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Alevi Festival 2021

Sunday 30th May, 2021
11am - 7:30pm
Venue: 10th Alevi Festival
Event Address: Hackney Downs E5 8NP
Sunday 2nd June
2021 marks the 11th Alevi Community Festival; a four-week National Festival organised for the community by the community. Alevi Community Festival involves over 20 events from Alevi organisations large and small; from London to Doncaster & Sheffield.
The festival culminates on the 30th May 2021 with the Alevi Cultural Festival day event at Hackney Downs Park.
The Alevi Cultural Festival day event is the largest event in the Alevi Festival month. Activities include; dance, live music, guest speakers, Irvin’s Funfair, traditional turkish food & local group stalls.