Traditional Family Rides

Carousel Merry-go-round
The Carousel has been the centre piece of the fair for almost 150 years, and can trace its history back well before that to times when it was turned by mules or manpower.
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Wave Swinger
The Waveswinger is a duplicate of the Victorian Swinging Chairs ride, with some fun modern touches. Looks magnificent especially after dark as it lights up the funfair skyline in the most pleasant and exciting way.
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Water Walkers
Safe and fun for all ages and sizes, jump into the giant balls and run across the water, knocking your pals over and sharing the best time of the day as you float and turn.
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A great favourite at any function, sit with your friends in a row then spin and twist around 360 degrees.
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A long standing fairground favourite and ideal for all the family, the Waltzer twists and spins you around an undulating ride.
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Classic Big Wheel (Size 1)
Who needs the London Eye when you can travel back into history on this wonderful grand centre piece of your function.
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Everyone knows and loves the dodgems. With a full range of track sizes and quantity of cars available we are sure to have the right dodgem set for your requirements.
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Bungee Trampoline
A popular new style variation on an old favourite, allowing you to bounce, spin and pretend to be an Olympic Gymnast without the slight problem of sprains and strains.
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Hall of Mirrors
Mirror mirror on the wall, can you make me look slim and tall? Available at crazy prices, these crazy mirrors are now a most popular addition to many events.
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Rodeo Bull
New for this year, this is the latest type of Bull with multi speed controls for different sizes and different ages of riders. Up to 10 different programmes available.
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Wall of Death
Wall of Death ImageThe Wall of Death is an amazing site, as fearless motorcyclists ride on a vertical slop in a giant circle. Only a few left in Britain today, Irvin Leisure is proud to have this on offer to you.
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Big Apple Coaster
Fun for all the family this roller coaster gives you the thrills of the Big Dipper with a much lower cost! Super value, great fun for all.
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Dragon Coaster
A beautiful family roller coaster, loved by kids and enjoyed by adults. The Dragon Coaster is always popular at public events and private parties.
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Wild Mouse Roller Coaster
If you really want to make an impact with your function, this superb giant full size, full speed, scary fun roller coaster cannot be beaten.
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Climb the Wall
Our climbing walls are great for a day of fun and effort without the need to travel to the country to have a good work out!
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Indoor Dodgems
Make your event or exhibition stand out with these versatile and customisable Indoor Bumper Cars.
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Giant Wheel
A superb addition to any event is this magnificent Giant Wheel
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Giant Wheel (Size 3)
We can bring you a giant wheel to match the London Eye.
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