Modern New Rides

Probably one of the favourite white-knuckle ride seen at any good funfair event. The After Burner (aka The Fireball, Freak Out or Frisbee) is not for the faint-hearted!
Tornado hire »

A great favourite at any function, sit with your friends in a row then spin and twist around 360 degrees.
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This is just for the brave....over 100 feet high with lights and music the Booster generates 3.5G force and is based on NASA astronaut training equipment.
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Another of our white knuckle attractions, the Enterprise will give you the spin of your life.
Enterprise hire »

This is the ultimate in orbiting with superb special lighting effects as well as music and thrills.
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If you like to get spun quickly, shaken perhaps but not stirred, then this is a ride for you!
Matterhorn hire »

It will twist you, spin you and shake you up whilst giving you the best time you can have with your clothes on.
Megaspin hire »

The Rotor defies the mathematicians and philosophers who grappled with gravity through the ages, because you should not stick to the side of this spinning wheel but should gently slide to the floor!
Rotor hire »

Fantastic fun for all the family on this ride, which spins and lifts you at the same time to a vertical plane. Feeling brave? Try the Superbowl.
Superbowl hire »

A fabulous white knuckle thrill ride that stands out at any event.
Superstar hire »

Tagada Ride, lifts, twists, spins and shakes you up, all in the best possible taste!
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Tip Top
One of the ultimate White Knuckle Ride experiences, and there are just three of these in the UK.
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