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Childrens Rides And Inflatables

Ball Pit Portable Play Area
Great value family attraction, and new for 2013
Ball Pit Portable Play Area hire »

Carousel Merry-go-round
The Carousel has been the centre piece of the fair for almost 150 years, and can trace its history back well before that to times when it was turned by mules or manpower.
Carousel Merry-go-round hire »

Formula Track Ride, Size 1
Children's car track ride, 18 feet diameter, always popular at events.
Formula Track Ride, Size 1 hire »

Giant Slide
This inflatable slide is fifty feet high!
Giant Slide hire »

Children's Train
Attractive centre piece for any funfair
Children's Train hire »

Jet Plane Experience
This is a new ride which has proved extremely popular with all children as they can experience the thrill of flying their own plane, of which they are in control, even if only up and down!
Jet Plane Experience hire »

Pony Express
With a maximum size of 60 feet by 40 feet, this attractive ride can host children with their parents. We can build this smaller if you want.
Pony Express hire »

Big Toy Set (Top of Range)
Superb new children's ride just delivered for this season. Outstanding looks and really appealing to children and adults.
Big Toy Set (Top of Range) hire »

Big Apple Coaster
Fun for all the family this roller coaster gives you the thrills of the Big Dipper with a much lower cost! Super value, great fun for all.
Big Apple Coaster hire »

Dragon Coaster
A beautiful family roller coaster, loved by kids and enjoyed by adults. The Dragon Coaster is always popular at public events and private parties.
Dragon Coaster hire »

Climb the Wall
Our climbing walls are great for a day of fun and effort without the need to travel to the country to have a good work out!
Climb the Wall hire »