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Have confidence at our fairs

Why have confidence at Irvin Leisure fairs? As well as social distancing measures, significant changes to our setup, protocols & hand sanitiser stations, we also use Zoono Surface Sanitiser which significantly reduces the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. It’s innovative technology can last for up to 30 days on treated surfaces and up to 24 hours on skin. 

Zoono’s physical kill ruptures the cell meaning the cell cannot mutate, helping preventing the development of pathogens that are resistant to the more traditional disinfectants.

Zoono is colourless, non-leaching and safe to use in both the home and industrial settings. Whilst it has a gentle formulation, it is deadly for a broad range of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. 

When applied to a surface by spraying, wiping or ‘fogging’; Zoono leaves behind a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface. These molecules are antimicrobial, silane based polymers that covalently bond to the surface forming a barrier of positively charged microscopic pins.

The positively charged microscopic pins attract and pierce negatively charged pathogens. The pins rupture the cell walls. This causes the pathogen to break up with lethal effect. The layer of molecular antimicrobial pins carries on working for up to 30 days on surfaces. Routine cleaning should continue in order that Zoono can continue to work at its optimal performance. Routine cleaning does not disrupt the Zoono molecule or its antimicrobial activity.

Zoono technology is water-based and gentle on the skin and surfaces.