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Ecology v Economy? Not at Irvin Leisure

The great environmental campaigner Kermit the Frog once mused in song “It’s not easy being green” and how appropriate that was for him, fighting off the rather amorous advances of Miss Piggy, but for Irvin Leisure it is possible. We are often asked about progress on our ground breaking, though not literally we insist, Environmental Action plan dating back to 2007 and featured on these articles. Well, we were asked last Tuesday so that counts, so here is an update.


Here at Irvin Leisure we are constantly aiming to reduce the impact of our business on our immediate surroundings. We also strive to lower the effect our rides, lorries, and generators have on the wider environment, including dedicated measures to lower our carbon footprint. Our funfairs operate in a number of the British isle’s most prestigious parks, and stately homes. We make every possible effort to take care of grassed areas, delicate paving, and special features, when moving, and parking our vehicles.

Eco transport 1Eco transport 2

All of the generators we use, have enclosed acoustic cabinets around them, reducing external noise to minimum levels, and preventing any oil or diesel leaks coming into contact with the ground. To further reduce noise pollution, we do not play loud music! We can tailor the music we play to suit your event. 40’s, 50’s, jazz, swing, present day, we can even supply traditional fairground organ music, all played at respectable levels.
With regards to the wider world, some of our rides need no generators at all to operate. Our Helter Skelters only require gravity power, and our swingboats need only muscle power, making them the greenest rides on the road. They do, on some occasions, need electrical power for lighting. This is something we are very aware of, and with constant innovations in technology, we are changing the lights we use, to reduce our power consumption. By 2015 we aim to have changed all our halogen lights to sodium, and all our standard bulbs (over 10000 of them!) to L.E.D bulbs. These changes will reduce our power needs by 90%, thus massively reducing the size of generators we will use in the future.
We are also updating our vehicles, and generators, to those with more modern engines and lower emissions.

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These direct measures, coupled with our active logistics management, ensure our carbon footprint, and impact on the environment is reduced year on year.