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Your team, clients and partners deserve the very best you can provide when it comes to entertainment.

Our reputation for quality equipment, professional service and safety conscious event planning has ensured a satisfied client base that includes: Honda,BMW,Microsoft,KPMG,Mobil Oil,Glaxo Wellcome and Hampton Court Palace to name but a few.

Irvin Leisure Ltd is the first choice for companies looking for reliable, professional fun fairs. We understand the exacting requirements of the corporate host and are trusted to provide the quality of equipment and service that the business community rightly demands.

Whatever you take from Irvin Leisure, no matter how many or how few items you hire, you will get the same high standard of care and attention with £10 million public liability insurance, risk assessments and full method analysis of how to provide for your event.

Whatever your budget, we will help and make sure that you get the best value for money and most excitement for your guests. Our attractions not only bring activities for all to enjoy, but they have superb lighting effects and music all included in the package. You get much more than a fairground ride when you hire Irvin Leisure!

White Knuckle Rides

For the brave or perhaps the foolish, in fact for both, we offer a wide range of superb adrenaline thrill attractions. From the giant Booster, 120 feet high this ride is based on the NASA Space Training equipment used to test astronauts, so if you are courageous enough come and try this.

We also offer the superb Miami Trip, so 16 of you can sit in a row and be rotated at high speed. If you do not want to mix your drinks, this ride will mix them up for you.

What about the Orbitor? A ride that will lift you up and spin you round, giving you a new view on life and the party; completely upside down.

Plus many many more, as seen at the Science Museum in London during 2006 when we held an exhibition called the Science of Thrill so that the impact of these rides on the riders could be fully tested and, guess what, all the best brains in British science found out that these rides scare the hell out of you!

We can provide anything and everything in the business, so contact us with your wishes and we will meet your aspirations.

Family Fun Days

You may want something for everyone so select from our family favourites. First of all the wonderful Dodgems Cars where you can bump your pals, and your boss, enjoying road range legally and safely, time after time after time. This is always the most popular attraction at every event.

Then you get other large rides such as the Twister, where you can spin and shake but stay upright, or the Jumping Frogs and Octopus which have the same fun effect.

Do not forget the Carousel, the galloping horses, which form the centre piece of hundreds of Corporate Parties each and every year.

You can try the Ghost Train and Funhouse; or the Crazy Cottage and Big Wheel plus the fabulous fairground stalls.

We have the widest range of fun for all ages.

Traditional Victorian Fayre

Now we have reached the 21st Century we find that more and more of our clients want to look back over 100 years to the Victorian era, and so they hire our Victorian attractions. We provide that atmosphere for you with our period pieces.

Centre stage as always is the Carousel. Standing proud at the heart of any function this traditional ride has provided entertainment and enjoyment for well over 120 years, and the excitement seems to grow year on year, not diminish.

Then you will find a Ferris Wheel, the traditional Big Wheel based on a design created for the centre of Paris in the year of the centenary of the French Revolution, and standing tall and proud ever since.

You could take a Helter Skelter, again following a great tradition and you will be amazed how much fun is still generated on these thrilling slides.

We have games such as the good old coconut shy and hoopla stall, plus Hook a Duck, Balls in Buckets and Mops and Cans. We provide stalls, prizes and staff for you, and all prizes meet British Standards for Safety, apart from the Coconuts which meet British Standards for nuts!

We have Victorian style children’s rides and can organise entertainers for your functions who will add to the fun.

Simulator Hire

If it a modern and futuristic approach you want and need, we can provide all the best in the business for you. For instance you can hire giant simulators, rockets and cars, for 16 to 24 people where you can select from a wide range of experiences such as rocket flight, ski jumping, car racing and safaris with the simulators moving and shaking as you drive.

Alternatively you can select from our one or two player games, with racing, motorcycles, skiing, and of course in the nicest possible way shoot em ups and space wars. Do not forget the classic games such as Space Invaders now making a comeback!

Dodgem and Carousel Hire

Everyone loves the Dodgems and Carousel ride, and these can brighten up any event from a giant corporate party to a birthday celebration or wedding reception. There are many alternatives on offer, giving a wide price range depending on the size and quality of the equipment you want. Contact us and tell us a little bit about your venue and your budget and we can offer you the best value you can have.

Everyone loves the Dodgems, and ride them time and time again at any party. However what can be better as your centre piece than the traditional Victorian Style Carousel, the Galloping Horses and the traditional fairground music. Again there are many alternatives covering a wide price range, come and talk to us and let us turn your aspirations into action!

Games and Stalls

We have a wide range of fairground games from which you can select. All of these you have known and loved all your lives, such as the good old Coconut Shy, the Hoopla Stall, the Shooting Gallery, Mop and Cans, Test of Strength, and many more from which you can select.

If you wish we will provide prizes, all to BSI standards (apart from the Coconuts which meet British Nut Standards!) and you may want to think about using our round stalls as bars and food serveries at your event.

We have beautiful traditional food carts from which you can buy Candyfloss, Popcorn and Toffee Apples plus Waffles and Fairground Sweets.

Children’s Rides

We have a great selection of rides for children, ranging from the ever popular Tea Cups to the super giant train ride, and everything in between.

There are old fashioned choices, such as the Chairoplanes and Swingboats, and modern options such as the Formula Car Track and Jet Planes. These are great value and great fun.

We have inflatables, giant slides and bungee trampolines

Do not forget the funhouses and other side shows in which children love to play.

Food and Refreshments

If you want to have a full fairground feel to your function, why not hire our mobile catering units to provide your food and drink? We serve hot and cold food, specialist diets such as vegetarian and Halal options, plus of course the ever popular Burgers and Hot Dogs.

We have sweet stalls, Donut counters, magnificent Costa Coffee stands, plus the Victorian Style Candy Floss and Toffee Apple Carts. We can provide any food you want, all prepared to the highest standards.

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