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Monthly Archive: ‘February, 2015’

A part of our history rediscovered.

In the 50s and 60s, the Irvin Family owned and operated a fantastic and popular Brooklands Speedway track, and below you can learn all about these rides. A similar ride to the hugely successful Dodgem, the Brooklands Speedway track (sometimes called a Rally Track) was introduced in the late 1930s – aspiring to the famous […]
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New Cars from Old!

  Irvin Leisure are thrilled to have introduced a superb new, but very old, children’s car ride the Austin Cars, and here we show some magnificent photos of this ride, sitting proudly in the winter snow, and then placed in front of the iconic Olympic Stadium in QE2 Park in Stratford.   This ride is […]
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A fascinating history of our Antique Austin Car Ride

AUSTIN J 40 It was in 1943 that Parliament passed an act that recognised that many miners were been struck down with what the miners called “The Dust” (pneumoconiosis’s). The Government decided to encourage employers to give ex-miners employment. Leonard Lord had taken this to heart and decided that those (in this case South Wales […]
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